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Where to eat

Where to eat in Bologna is something you need to know to visit the city in the right way.Yes, because Bologna is a city with a rich culinary tradition and eating piadina and all the delicacies of the typical Bolognese cuisine is an obligation for every tourist. During your visit to Bologna you will be interested to know where to eat the best pasta.If you are on holiday in Bologna with your partner you can be interested in a romantic dinner in Bologna and maybe you'll look for a good place to eat Lasagna, tagliatelle or eat tortellini in Bologna, while if you're a more adventurous traveler you'll want to go around the city with quick meals, then it will be useful to know where to eat cheaply in Bologna in the historic center, maybe eat a piadina romagnola. Whatever the reasons that drive you to visit Bologna, here you will find the best places to eat in Bologna.