San Michele in Bosco Church

Located on top of one the woody hills surrounding Bologna on its Southern side, Renaissance San Michele in Bosco church offers one the most amazing, breathtaking panoramas all over the city: with a single glimpse, from the parvise of the church you will be able to be embracing all of the city centre. Asinelli Tower, the dome of Santa Maria Sanctuary, the back of St. Petronius Basilica, St. Dominic Basilica and all of the Medieval towers of the city are all visible from this exceptional balcony all over town. You can be reaching San Michele in Bosco Church by bus, line n. 30, Rizzoli stop.

San Luca Sanctuary

A long, steep portico (3.8 km, the longest one all over the world) connects Bologna city centre with the top of Monte della Guardia hill (300 mt.), where St. Luke Sanctuary is located. This is definitely one of the most beloved spots all across town by Bologna people: by climbing up the steep arches of the portico all amid a lavish, woody landscape, you will be able to having a glimpse of the Western districts of the city, featuring Dallara Stadium and monumental Charterhouse. From the top, on the parvise of the Sanctuary, a lovely view all over the woods covering the hills surrounding Bologna. It is also possible to be climbing up San Luca dome, in order to be enjoying a most glorious, thrilling view all over Apennines mountains and, far in the distance, all across Padan plain, the majestic, snow-capped Alps.

San Pietro Cathedral church steeple

On saturday afternoons it is possible to be climbing St. Peter Cathedral church steeple. Located right in Bologna city centre, via Indipendenza n. 9, Cathedral bell tower comes with an exceptional elevation of 70 mt, offering a most exquisite view all over the city, ranging from Main Square, City Hall and St. Petronius Basilica down to Asinelli, Prendiparte and Azzoguidi Medieval towers.

Asinelli Tower

Asinelli Tower is undisputedly the true symbol of Bologna. And this is not all: with its 97 meters elevation, the Tower definitely offers a most majestic, glorious view all over the city, ranging from San Luca Sanctuary, located over the hills Southern of Bologna, to the town itself, churches and palaces looking like a giant red sea of terracotta tiles surrounding the Tower. Although climbing it may be proving tricky and tiresome (498 steps, no elevator) the breathtaking view all over the city is absolutely, totally worth it.