Bolognesity: everything about Bologna and the Bolognesi, stories, places and flavors of this city and its people, traditions and the appointments most awaited by its citizens.A real traveller who visits Bologna is not content to know it with detachment, wants to live Bologna as a local and if you belong to this category before or during your stay in Bologna you want to know what are the most beautiful streets of Bologna, the people's favorite streets, the history of the city of Naples, legends and myths about it, where to live the most authentic university life in Bologna, Bologna art and the places where to meet it but also the traditional recipes and dishes preferred by locals people and how and where to eat them as true Bolognese.From the most popular streets to the thousands of legends of the city, from the most anticipated events to the most authentic traditions of the Bolognese people, this is the place where you can discover them. Where bolognesity reigns!

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